Being a member of The Rocks Chamber of Commerce gives you and your business important representation to deal with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and other relevant government bodies on matters that affect your business. The Rocks Chamber of Commerce advocates The Rocks business community interests and ensures your voice is heard when it matters most.

Membership Benefits

  • Representation to the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority– The Chamber Executive meets monthly with the Authority to discuss current issues, future development/works, advertising and marketing campaigns and event planning. This meeting gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard either through the executive or in person (by special invitation). These meetings are crucial to remain informed and engaged with our majority landlord and to advocate on our members behalf,
  • Representation to other government groups/bodies- The Chamber represents The Rocks on a variety of different panels and reference groups to discuss major developments and issues affecting The Rocks such as the Sydney Light Rail,
  • Communicating topical and current issues to you- through our monthly newsletter and organising other briefings such as: Sydney Light Rail updates and Vivid Sydney Activation briefings,
  • Networking and Educational events, workshops and seminars,
  • Free Access to NSW Business Chamber – The Rocks Chamber of Commerce is part of the Local Chamber Alliance Program which means that being a member entitles you to direct access to NSW Business Chamber entitlements, in addition to the entitlements offered by the RCC.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or to ask about renewal please complete the form below.


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